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October 01, 2020

NutriProfits products are available also on the Asian market. One of the most attractive countries for affiliates is Thailand. Why? This is a place where the popularity of food supplements is constantly growing. This is the reason why it is worth to promote NutriProfits products there.

Which NutriProfits products can you promote in Thailand?

We have several food supplements available in Thailand. They come from various categories that are very popular in this country.

  • Member XXL,
  • Eron Plus,
  • Nonacne,
  • Profolan,
  • Green Barley Plus,
  • Piperinox.

Why is it worth to do the marketing of our products on the Thai market?

Due to the increased interest in health and proper nutrition, the food supplement market in Thailand is constantly growing. Moreover, it is estimated that this trend will continue. By 2030, sales of this type of product are expected to grow by approximately 7% (annually).

The increase in the demand for beauty supplements, products supporting weight loss and targeting athletes is constantly increasing. Also, higher wages and a decrease in unemployment play a huge role there.

Thai people are getting more and more interested in:

  • health
  • beauty,
  • weight loss.
  • vitamins and minerals,
  • products supporting slimming,
  • energy supplements.

The interest of supplementation is steadily growing. The growth will be the fastest in the following sectors:

  • products for the elderly,
  • supplements based on natural ingredients,
  • personalized products.

What do you gain by promoting NutriProfits products?


As experienced affiliates, we know how to run effective campaigns. For example we share our knowledge on this blog. You can also contact us using the contact form. We will answer your questions. You can count on our support.

By working with us you get an account and access to the control panel that allows you to observe the results of your activities and manage the campaigns.

Attractive promotional materials

We will provide you with the necessary materials - from banners to effective pre-landings and landings. Landing pages are designed to meet customer needs and generate conversion.

High commission

By promoting NutriProfits products in Thailand, you will receive up to 35% commission.

Exceptional Products

By promoting products from the NutriProfits offer, you gain the comfort and confidence that you are advertising good products. Our food supplements are based on safe, natural ingredients. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by research, they also do not cause side effects.

High conversion

Perfectly prepared Landing Pages have been developed to provide the customer with maximum information and comfort. For this reason, they guarantee a high conversion rate.

There is nothing else to do but start working - open up to new opportunities!

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