Folisin - a new product in the NutriProfits offer
September 30, 2020

Responding to growing customer needs, we are constantly expanding our range of food supplements. The newest product, which is worth considering in terms of promotion, is a reliable food supplement for hair loss in men - Folisin.

A popular problem

Losing hair too fast concerns millions of men. In every part of the world, we will find men who are struggling with this problem. It is estimated that around 35 million men experience hair loss and this number is constantly increasing.

It is not a positive conclusion. However, it also has a good side - since the issue is common, the demand for an effective solution will also be common.

This leads us to the most important issue of this article - the reasons why you should take action to advertise Folisin.

Why should you promote Folisin?

The food supplements market is growing steadily around the world. Therefore, adding these products to the promoted list is a simple recipe for success. Why should you advertise Folisin?

Attractive earnings

By promoting Folisin, you get 30% commission, which gives you 35.40 dollars from one sale.

High availability

You can promote the product in 12 countries: Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, and Slovakia.

Big sales potential

High conversion rate

A very demanded product is not the only reason you can count on high conversion. At NutriProfits you get an attractive Landing Page that contains all the necessary elements to effectively encourage purchase.

A wide range of tools

At NutriProfits you can use a wide variety of marketing tools - from blogs and vlogs, social media, to paid advertising and mailings. We give you full freedom of action.

The power of natural ingredients

Folisin contains ingredients that have been selected and combined in a way that guarantees high effectiveness. In this food supplement, we find plant extracts and other substances that visibly reduce the amount of hair loss, help restore the density of the hair and maintain the natural color.

What Folisin ingredients do:

  • stimulate the anagen phase,
  • shorten telogen,
  • reduce hair loss,
  • maintain proper testosterone levels.

The effectiveness of the ingredients of Folisin has been scientifically confirmed. In a study conducted on a group of volunteers, it was shown that the main ingredient of the supplement - AnaGain ™ Nu reduced hair loss by 37% after just 2 months of use. There was also a greater amount of hair in the growth phase and a lot less hair in the resting phase. Together with other ingredients of the product, AnaGain ™ Nu helps to restore the density of men's hair.


Folisin is a product that allows customers to regain hair and confidence, and for you, it means satisfactory earnings.

All you have to do is enter our platform and start promoting a new product.

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