How AI is Transforming Affiliate Marketing
October 30, 2023

Recently, AI technology has made a major splash. Conversations surrounding AI — everywhere from social and traditional media to at home and in the workplace, have dominated the zeitgeist. 

Generative AI technologies, which can generate content — such as large language models (including ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing), as well as image generating AI (such as Dall-E 2 and Microsoft Bing Image generators) have changed the way many approach communication, content creation, and more. 

This sharp new turn in technology in affiliate marketing represents a significant opportunity that many affiliate marketers are eager to embrace. From content creation to strategizing, generative AI and other forms of AI can be extremely helpful to affiliate marketers, and the ways they can be used are vast. The usefulness of AI in affiliate marketing can go far beyond simple content creation. 

In addition to utilizing AI to generate compelling marketing content more quickly and efficiently, AI can help affiliate marketers stay organized, develop new marketing strategies, and much more. To better understand AI and affiliate marketing, let’s explore how AI is transforming affiliate marketing. 

The Impact of AI

Over the past months and years, the power of AI’s capabilities has expanded significantly. Large language models such as Google’s Bard, ChatGPT, and Microsoft Bing have made headlines and waves with their ability to generate cohesive written content nearly instantaneously. 

However, the content generation side of AI technology is only one side of this novel and evolving technology. Many affiliate marketers are leveraging other incredible strengths of AI technologies, such as their ability to quickly scan large quantities of information and pull out relevant data or their ability to quickly generate strategies and summaries from data that they’re fed. 

What’s more, LLMs that are integrated with search engine technology can help affiliate marketers perform research, offering search capabilities coupled with the ability to answer specific queries. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s often crucial to know your audience, so being able to quickly perform research to that end can be extremely helpful. 

AI for Content Creation

One of the first things many individuals think of when they think of AI is content creation. One of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring capabilities of large language models has been their ability to write nearly anything asked of them nearly instantly. We’ll explore some of the technologies that affiliate marketers can use to generate more content more efficiently. 

Written Content

Large Language Models, or LLMs, can write cohesive and logical text — a feat that, until very recently, required humans. While the quality of the content can vary and generally requires human oversight to ensure accuracy, flow, and the absence of plagiarism, this represents a new starting point in writing content for affiliate marketers.  

AI Writing Tools Vary

AI writing tools vary greatly in capabilities and the approach that they take. While some are simply large language models designed to do their best with whatever input you provide, there are also AI writing services that offer human editing, as well as AI editing tools that can be used to assist human writers. 

Ultimately, there are a number of approaches to take to writing when it comes to using AI. Affiliate marketers have a wide range of discretion when relying on AI tools and how they can be used. 

AI writing tools can be used to create drafts of personalized messaging that can be used in advertising campaigns through digital platforms such as social media and search engines. Alternatively, some affiliate marketers may rely more heavily on their own writing, instead relying on AI tools for grammar checking, inspiration, and research. 

Affiliate marketers connecting audiences with Nutriprofits products, for example, can make use of AI writing tools to craft personalized messaging. When it comes to connecting the right audiences with the right products, this can be crucial. If you're hoping to underscore the effectiveness of Prenatalin, for instance, it can be important to tailor messaging to expecting mothers. Meanwhile, in order to underscore the potential benefits of Nuvialab Female Fertility product, it can be important to appeal to those who are trying to have a child. 

Some AI tools used for writing include:

  • Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing.
  • AI Editing tools, such as Grammarly, Wordtune, and Wordrake.

Visual Content - Image and Video

While large language models have dominated many conversations surrounding AI, these are not the only generative AI tools that are fundamentally shifting the way many affiliate marketers approach their efforts. 

Visual content such as videos and images can also be created with generative AI. In addition to online generation systems that can generate images from prompts, a number of well-known visual art software solutions are now implementing AI generation capabilities as well. Marketers can quickly generate imagery and use tools to edit it further to hone it to their uses. 

The ability to quickly generate imagery can be extremely helpful in affiliate marketing, where eye-catching messaging can sometimes translate to increased interest and — in turn  — clicks or conversions. For affiliate marketers, it can be crucial not only to connect with the right audience but to create content that drives engagement. Additionally, AI tools can be a significant help to video creators, offering the ability to quickly edit videos and add effects such as filters. 

Ultimately, these tools represent an opportunity for affiliate marketers to leverage novel emergent technologies to reach new heights that may have required an extensive team in the past. Creating custom images, for example, may have once required the skills of a graphic designer, and creating custom-written content may have at one point required the skills of a copywriter. 

While graphic designers and writers are still important in many projects, being able to hand off a mostly completed project can significantly help them offer you faster turnaround as well as lower rates. In some cases, you may be able to simply generate content on your own without their assistance through the assistance of AI tools.  

Some visual AI tools include:

  • Generative solutions, such as Dall-E, Bing Image Generator, Nightcafe, and Deep Dream Generator.
  • Editing (and generative) solutions, such as Adobe Photoshop, Luminar Neo, and Lensa.

AI-Powered Analysis and Research 

While generative AI tools can be helpful to affiliate marketers, they aren’t the only AI tools that can help affiliate marketers in the food supplements industry. Rather, half the battle in affiliate marketing is finding actionable data — whether this data might be customer trends, how certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords rank on competitor sites, or finding which topics resonate with your target audience. 

Here’s where AI tools can come in. AI SEO tools can quickly review search data and websites and help you understand which keywords may be the easiest to rank for, the most important, and — ideally — both. Moreover, AI tools can be used to scan copy for keywords, offer suggestions on which keywords to use, and even assist in using that data to craft an effective SEO strategy. 

Additionally, AI tools can be used to better understand customer preferences and trends. By using customer data and analyzing it with AI, you may gather important insights that can help you better predict customer behavior. Additionally, AI tools can be used for social listening so that you can better understand the ways your customers are talking about what you have to offer. 

Some AI-powered analysis tools include:

  • Surfer SEO, Semrush, and Hubspot AI.

Aligning Your Tools to Your Workflow

We’ve explored many of the ways AI tools can assist affiliate marketers, but you still may be wondering where to get started — or which AI tools may be right for you. The truth is that there are many ways affiliate marketers can seize the numerous opportunities presented by AI.

First, it can be important to consider how you currently approach affiliate marketing. Take a moment to stop thinking about the pain points of your customers and spend a moment thinking about your own. What takes up the most time and labor in affiliate marketing? Is it writing? Audience research? Responding to inquiries? 

Whatever your struggle is, carefully consider it as you seek out AI tools; this can inform your approach and what tools may be the most useful to you. 

For example, if you have a system for finding eye-catching imagery, you may not be very drawn to AI image-creating tools, but if you struggle to generate consistent written content sufficient to keep up with the demand of your followers, you may rely on the assistance of AI text generation tools. 

Similarly, if you have no problem writing but editing your content for grammar and readability takes you a long time, you may rely on the help of AI editing tools that can automatically recognize poor word choice, flow, and grammatical errors. 

Conversely, if your written content is stellar, but you have trouble creating eye-catching visuals, you may be more interested in visual AI tools, such as image generators or AI image editing services. 

Or — if you’re confident that your content creation strategy is sound — but you’re concerned that you’re marketing in the wrong spaces or your SEO strategy is ineffective, analytics tools powered by AI may be the most attractive option for you. 

Finally, you may simply leverage all available technologies to increase your efficiency — using visual, text, analytics, and other forms of generative and learning AI. 

The Bottom Line

AI tools can be a significant help to affiliate marketers. Whether through the use of AI content generation tools or the use of robust analytics tools powered by AI, these tools have upended the way many affiliate marketers approach their efforts. AI tools stand not only to help save affiliate marketers time and energy — but also to significantly help them find more effective ways to connect with the right audiences. 

Whether you’re just getting started as an affiliate marketer or are simply looking for new ways to improve your approach, we’re here to help. To get started with Nutriprofits, be sure to reach out today, and if you’re looking for more resources, be sure to check out our FAQs page

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