How to Choose the Best Converting Offers?
December 02, 2022

We all want our campaigns to stand out in the crowd, and there are many ways to advertise them. We want to succeed as quickly as possible, but there are some ways we should approach this. Chances are, our first campaigns aren’t going to be immediately successful or profitable. That’s why we need to choose the best high converting CPA offers.

You might be wondering what a CPA offer is. Simply put, a CPA offer is a cost-per-action offer. It's a building model in which marketing affiliates charge advertisers every time users take a qualifying action, such as submitting filled forms, signing up for newsletters, or even purchasing a product.

A CPA offer is when users visit your website and click on an affiliate link. Then, they complete a transaction (like a purchase), and you make money. If that sounds like a good deal, then here's how to choose the top converting offers.

01: Don’t Choose Offers with High Competition

We've mentioned that you're unlikely to succeed immediately on your first try, especially when you're copying what super affiliates have done. Those affiliates have experience and the daily-spending money to drive traffic to their campaigns–experience and money you might not have.

If you want a better chance of succeeding, you should try choosing offers with medium or low competition. That way, not only will you not have to compete with these super affiliates, but you’ll also be more likely to make a profit on your campaigns.

If you don't know your business rival's competition level, you can use competitive intelligence tools or ad-spying tools to find out about whatever offer you want to run.

02: Don’t Choose Offers Based on Payouts

When choosing offers, it's easy to fall into traps when looking only at the payouts. We tend to think that the bigger the payout is, the more money we can make. That can be the case, but only if you have an extensive testing budget and experience. That mostly won’t be the case for your campaign.

If you're a beginner, your best bet is to focus on lead generation offers and low payout SOI and DOI offers. What do these two terms mean? Let's explain them in simple terms.

SOI means "single opt-in." This offer lets visitors only fill in their names and email addresses to comment. It's the most straightforward offer to generate conversation, and plenty of websites (especially news websites) use this offer.

DOI means "double opt-in." This offer makes visitors sign up in addition to filling in their names and email addresses to comment. While not as popular as the SOI offer, plenty of websites still use this offer. Getting a conversion on this offer is more complex than SOI offers, but it's still not hard. The end payouts are even higher than SOI offers.

You can choose from many SOIs and DOIs. Some of the most popular ones you can select are-

  • Cams
  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Mobile apps
  • Sweepstakes
  • Vouchers

You can't go wrong by choosing one of these options. They all have high conversion rates, so we still recommend trying these offers out even if the payouts are low.

03: Don’t Choose Offers with Hard Conversion Requirements

When you're first starting on something, you'll want to choose something easy to learn how things work. Choosing converting offers is no exception. You should avoid selecting offers where visitors have to do something "hard" to get a conversion.

For example, say you have an excellent CPA that pays a lot, but the visitors have to give out their credit card information or deposit an enormous amount of money. If the visitors have to take an unnecessary extra step to get a conversion, your rate will be low. That won't matter much to super affiliates since they have the excess money. However, it'll be hard for you to make any profit.

Other offers you should avoid are financial and crypto offers. Having the highest payout doesn’t necessarily mean an offer is the best for you. To start, visitors have to deposit $250. No matter how high the payout is, it's going to be challenging to get a conversion.

We recommend looking for an offer that pays less per conversion and has a more straightforward conversion process. Some easy processes include leaving an email or downloading something. The easier the conversion process, the higher the conversion rate will be.

04: Don’t Choose Offers with a Small Audience

We all want our campaigns to reach out to as many people as possible. That's why we should choose offers that reach a broad audience instead of a niche one. Many people won't show interest if your campaign only appeals to a specific niche or is too unique.

You need to know your target audience. You can find them with traffic sources like Facebook or Google. However, unless you have the experience, it's best to choose offers that appeal to a broad audience. You’re more likely to make a profit doing that.

05: Don’t Choose Offers Solely Based on EPC

EPC, or earnings per click, is a simple enough term; it’s how much you’ll earn per click. This may be a wise choice for an offer, but don’t let it be your only factor.

The higher the EPC an offer has, the more saturated it is by expert advertisers. That’ll make it almost impossible for your campaign to stand out. Offers with lower EPCs don’t have as much competition, so it’ll be easier for you to make money and make your job more profitable the more conversions you get.

When you look at the statistics in your affiliate network, those statistics show the average EPC from all traffic sources and affiliate marketers. Just because the EPC is low doesn’t mean the conversion rates will be low. If anything, it’s the opposite since lower payout CPA offers tend to convert better.

06: Find the Right Tools

Now that we've discussed what to avoid, let's discuss finding the right tools for high converting CPA offers. You can use plenty of tools, so here are some we recommend using.

We've touched on spy tools before, but let's go into more detail. Spy tools are large databases of landing pages, ads, and CPA offers operated by other affiliate marketers globally. With spy tools, you can see which offers are most popular or are being promoted by browsing the results. You can also filter by country, language, and traffic source to target your audience.

You should also choose a cost-efficient ad format for a traffic source, like a push or a pop. You can run tests, pushes, and pops to understand the process without spending too much on traffic. You can discover your winning combo by downloading and splitting test landing pages.


We all want our campaigns to stand out in the crowd, and there are many ways to advertise them. We want to succeed as quickly as possible, but there are some ways we should approach this. By not choosing offers with high competition, complicated conversion requirements, or a small audience, while simultaneously avoiding offers based on payouts and EPC, we can ensure you can succeed.

If you're unsure which products to promote from NutriProfits offer, you can always contact your account manager for more advice.

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