How to Get Traffic From Writing Guest Posts
January 05, 2023

Many websites feature different types of blog posts from various different people. These are called guest posts. For many affiliate marketers, guest posting is an excellent method of getting traffic.

How does guest posting work? Are some websites better for guest posting than others? Which websites will allow guest posting? Will guest posting bring in more trust and authority? With these questions and more, here are some tips on how to get traffic from writing guest posts.

Where to Look for Guest Posting

For many affiliate marketers, guest posting is an excellent way to get traffic for the products they sell. How does it work, though? Do some websites allow guest posting? If so, which ones are better?

It’s best to search where to look for guest postings. Some websites will offer a list of other websites that allow guest posting. The affiliate marketer can compare which website will work best for them on guest posting.

It’s up to the affiliate marketer themself to figure out where to guest post. Organizing posts on diverse platforms is best, especially if they have authoritative reputations.

Whether it’s a media company or another blog, the affiliate marketer can send messages together to that platform and their own. The marketer’s blog can have more SEO value and traffic. So, without further ado, here are some tips on getting traffic from writing guest posts.

Tip One: Marketing Guest Posts

It helps to write quality guest posts, but quality alone won’t garner traffic. That’s why it’s crucial to market guest posts. Writing on a high authority site may grab some attention, but it won’t be enough. While that blog owner will market the post, the marketer should market it, too.

How would this work? As stated before, it helps to write quality guest posts. If enough people are interested in these posts, they’ll subscribe for more. The more subscribers the affiliate marketer gains, the more traffic they’ll gain, too.

Alas, quality guest posts aren’t enough to garner traffic. Quality won’t be recognized if nobody knows of its existence. So, how should the affiliate marketer market it?

For starters, the marketer can always share their guest posts on social media and bookmarking websites. These sites make sharing posts easier and quicker than ever. Plus, these websites were meant for sharing posts. However, some posts can get lost in a sea of other posts.

That’s why optimizing posts for search engines and doing keyword research are essential. Social media helps optimize posts for search engines since they allow the marketer to use tags for their guest posts. Tags are also fantastic for coming up with keywords.

The most popular blogs worldwide garner over 60% of search engine traffic, and keywords greatly help garner traffic. Social media is crucial for attracting people to a marketer’s quality guest post.

Tip Two: Linking Blogs and Interlinking Guest Posts

When guest posting on another website, it’s crucial for people to know where else they can find the affiliate marketer. Linking back to a marketer’s blog and interlinking guest posts is an excellent method of letting people find the original poster.

Most people scan through a blog post instead of reading it, so the affiliate marketer putting their link in their bio may make people miss it. That’s why linking to something related to the keywords is vital. That way, people will be more likely to notice the link.

Another excellent way of garnering traffic is interlinking guest posts. Guest posting is already a fantastic way of gaining traffic, so what’s the harm in interlinking other guest posts?

Interlinking is like a beneficial cycle. The original blog author allows the affiliate marketer to make a guest post on their website, and you do the same thing for them. That way, friendships ensue, and people become more familiar with the marketer.

The more guest posts an affiliate marketer has on a particular author’s blog, the more people will take that affiliate marketer seriously. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Linking back is a wonderful way of gaining traffic and readers. If an affiliate marketer links back to something related to a keyword, then more people will notice and click on it. The same can be said for interlinking other guest posts.

The more guest posts an affiliate marketer has on a particular blog, the more seriously people will take them. It especially helps if the affiliate marketer is guest posting on high-authority websites. The more authority sites the marketer posts on, the more seriously people will take them. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Tip Three: Keeping in Touch With Bloggers and Other People

Posting something online may be easy, but noticing an affiliate marketer’s post is difficult. That’s why it’s crucial to contact bloggers and other people.

Social media’s whole purpose is sharing content and connecting with other people. However, some social media websites are more apt for sharing and connecting than others. The more popular a social media website is, the more people will notice a marketer’s guest post.

When posting on social media, it’s best to have a unique selling point. Maybe the affiliate marketer’s guest post is impressive and high-quality, or the affiliate marketer shared their guest post online. Either way, others will want to share that post, too.

That’s why it’s essential to keep in touch with other bloggers. The more bloggers the affiliate marketer keeps in touch with, the more likely it is for high-quality links to reach their blog.

Keeping in touch doesn’t mean following those other bloggers in daily instant messages. The affiliate marketer can keep in touch by following said bloggers on social media websites like Twitter or Facebook. It also helps to like posts and post comments.

About comments, it’s not just bloggers the affiliate marketer should keep in touch with. The affiliate marketer should also try to reply to comments in the comment sections. Generally, it’s best to reply to as many comments as possible, no matter how many.

Replying is an excellent way of making people feel noticed and listened to. That way, whoever the affiliate marketer has responded to is more likely to return and even recommend the guest posts to others. This, in turn, will increase traffic for the affiliate marketer.

Tip Four: Writing High-Quality, Genuine Content

Of course, the affiliate marketer will help the most by writing high-quality, genuine content. If the marketer lies, how are people supposed to take them seriously? Why would anyone trust a liar?

For example, if the affiliate marketer is sharing some advice, then it’s best to test said advice before sharing. By sharing honest advice and being truthful, the affiliate marketer will gain people’s trust and traffic.

Of course, it helps if the affiliate marketer writes high-quality content, too. It’s best for the guest posts to be organized and easy to read. However, honesty should be the affiliate marketer’s biggest priority on guest posting.


Many websites have different types of blog posts from several different people. These are called guest posts. By marketing, linking, keeping in touch, and writing high-quality, genuine guest posts, the affiliate marketer can gain trust and traffic.

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