How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2023
February 10, 2023

The one thing anybody wants to do more than anything is to make money. So, what better way than making money anywhere they want with affiliate marketing?

For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing sells commissions from various brands. These brands pay a percentage for every sale the affiliate marketer generates. Affiliate marketers promote these brands’ products and services via a unique link. That marketer earns a commission when somebody else clicks on that link to buy something.

Affiliate marketing may take time and effort, but it has many benefits and trends the marketer can look forward to. So, here are some ways to start affiliate marketing in 2023.

How Can You Benefit from Affiliate Marketing?

As stated before, affiliate marketing may take some time and effort, but there are benefits the marketer can enjoy.

When done correctly, affiliate marketing can become a sustainable method of income. The affiliate marketer can earn extra money without shelling out their own. That’s because most affiliate networks let marketers start for free.

Starting in affiliate marketing is a low-risk investment. Not only is it free, but the marketer has lots of flexibility on where and when they can work. Affiliate marketing can be done anywhere at any time.

The marketer can choose which niche they want to market when starting out. Suppose someone wants to start affiliate marketing and they’re interested in cooking. That person can start affiliate marketing and promote various cooking products and services.

Promoting something the marketer is interested in makes affiliate marketing simple. When the marketer is interested in whatever they’re promoting, they can discuss their product more. This, in turn, will get consumers to trust the marketer more and buy their products.

Finally, affiliate marketing lets marketers expand their networks. The marketer can build relationships with brands, networks, and other marketers. Interacting with others will drive consumer engagement and open more opportunities to work with other businesses.

Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2023

When it comes to making money, businesses are always trying to catch up with what consumers are interested in at the moment. Affiliate marketing is no exception.

With the internet and especially social media, catching up with what consumers are interested in has become easier than ever. Some social media websites and apps, like TikTok, are entirely built on trends.

So, to make the most of affiliate marketing, it’s best to understand trends and how to implement marketing into them. Some ways the marketer can make the most of affiliate marketing with trends are:

  • Initiating trends and making them irresistible
  • Joining challenges, dances, and mashups
  • Taking clues from viral content and analyzing patterns
  • Using trending music and sounds

The most authentic way to make the most of affiliate marketing is by initiating trends and making them irresistible. One way to stand out from the crowd is by mashing up popular sounds or switching up a current challenge. All trends start by being an original thing.

It gets old seeing and hearing the same things repeatedly, so some variations will make consumers notice the marketer’s products. When initiating trends, it’s best to put some exciting and unique sounds in the videos. That way, those sounds will get stuck in consumers’ heads, and they’ll also want to get in on the trend.

Of course, it’s not easy initiating a trend. In that case, the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them.” applies well to this next suggestion. The marketer can join already existing challenges, dances, and mashups.

When joining a trend, the affiliate marketer must try to stand out as much as possible. For example, they can improve on the original trend. That way, consumers will draw inspiration from the marketer.

When there’s a trend, there’s usually a pattern. To gain more consumers, the affiliate marketer must see what captions, hashtags, and sounds other viral contents use. What made the audience captivated by that content, and how did they react?

Some contents become viral because they use trending music and sounds. Consumers are captivated by music and sounds; it’s why commercials use jingles. Make sure to use these sounds while they’re favored to gain the most consumers.

Of course, trends change over time. Consumers change their behavior and expectations, so they spend their time on different platforms. That’s why the affiliate marketer must keep up with trends.

How to Start

Now that the benefits and trends for affiliate marketing have been discussed, it’s time to learn how to start in 2023.

Finding a Niche

The first place to start is finding a niche. Affiliate marketing has many niches to market to. Which niche will work the best?

With affiliate marketing, it’s best to find a niche the marketer has an interest in. Again, suppose somebody is interested in cooking. That person can start affiliate marketing in cooking and sell various products in that niche.

However, before selecting a niche, the marketer should ask how much value they can add and how affiliate marketing will help them utilize their expertise in said niche. When choosing a niche, the marketer should be passionate about their niche and want to be known for that.

The affiliate marketer should also find the right platform when choosing a niche. For example, a person interested in cooking can start a YouTube channel or blog for reviews or tutorials. It helps if they branch out onto as many platforms as possible.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Network

Like niches, there are many affiliate networks a marketer can choose from. Different networks have varying commission rates.

To choose the best-suited affiliate network, the marketer must consider the network’s:

  • Brand alignment
  • Commission structure
  • Competition
  • Cookie duration
  • Fees
  • Reputation
  • Support level
  • Transparency

Affiliate marketers must research to find the right affiliate network for them. If an affiliate network doesn’t sound ideal, the marketer can always look for a company that runs an affiliate program like NutriProfits.

Creating Optimized Content

The affiliate marketer can make the best content in the world, but it won’t get noticed if it’s not marketed well. That’s why it’s best to create optimized content.

Affiliate marketing content isn’t always about discussing the product or embedding a link on a website or blog. It should guide consumers to make a decision–preferably a decision to buy the product the affiliate marketer is promoting.

There are various methods of promoting affiliate marketing content. Some of these are:

  • Checkbooks
  • Comparisons
  • Deals and coupons
  • eBooks
  • Gift guides
  • Lead magnets
  • Resource pages
  • Reviews
  • Roundups
  • Tutorials
  • Videos

The best thing about creating optimized content is that the affiliate marketer can do so in various ways on as many platforms as possible.

Analyzing and Following Trends

As stated before, there are many trends the affiliate marketer can analyze and follow. After all, businesses are always trying to catch up with what consumers are interested in, and affiliate marketing is no exception.

That’s why affiliate marketers need to analyze or follow the current trends. Trends come and go because consumers’ interests and behaviors change. What’s popular now will become irrelevant in a matter of time.

Therefore, the affiliate marketer should capitalize on current trends to push consumers into an offer they can’t refuse. It helps to engage with them by replying to comments, welcoming new followers, and asking what they want to see next. It also helps to repeat the same process in other posts.

By analyzing/following trends and engaging with consumers, the affiliate marketer’s brand will gain more exposure and attract new consumers.


The affiliate marketer can make the best content in the world, but it won’t go anywhere if they don’t promote it. There are many ways to promote, but what are the best ways?

The first rule of promoting is to be authentic. Consumers can spot a phoney from a mile away, so the affiliate marketer should be themself. That’s why it’s best to implement products organically into content via a storytime video or a review.

Another way the affiliate marketer can promote their product is by building audiences on many social media platforms. Consumers can follow the marketer on different platforms and see what they will promote. For example, the marketer can add a link to their YouTube channel on their Instagram account and vice versa.

Once the affiliate marketer has enough followers, they can promote their affiliate link and maximize engagements. The marketer can link their products by:

  • Adding an affiliate URL in their content descriptions
  • Including their affiliate link in their social media bios or bridge pages
  • Offering coupons or unique discount codes in the comment section
  • Using popular hashtags for similar affiliate products


Making money is what anyone wants to do more than anything, so what better way than by affiliate marketing? With all the benefits and trends out there, there’s no better time to start affiliate marketing than in 2023! So join NutriProfits and become an affiliate marketer!

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