You Reap What You Sow With Your Social Media Marketing Skills
November 17, 2020

Do you spend time on social media to find things you're interested in, or are you looking to buy or sell something? Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, aren’t only entertaining but, to a certain extent, free marketing. You can even link these platforms to a social hub to display content from different networks in one spot.

Exposing your business market online can build or break it down. So you have to apply it coherently to reap outstanding benefits from it. You need to connect and communicate with your online audience but must prevent these social media marketing mistakes.

Five Significant Social Media Marketing Mistakes

  • Vague goals or don't know how to reach them
  • Don't know your audience or how to engage with them
  • Absent or not using your voice
  • Not advertising or sharing useless content
  • Outdated and not competitive enough

You Reap What You Sow

If you want to reap an above-average harvest, it's up to you. You have to plow into your social media marketing skills, pull out the weeds, prepare the ground, and plant. Sow the seed where your audience grazes.

Your presence on social media reflects your interest in your consumers. Your efforts shouldn't waste anyone's time. You have to be transparent to your audience. When they trust you and your brand, it'll generate more sales.

Are you eager to feed the audience what they're craving? Then you have to start by preparing your ground to ensure growth.

Your Goals Are Vague, Or You Don't Know How To Reach It

Why should you have clear goals within specific time frames? You should know where you want to take your business. Distinct and realistic goals will motivate your productivity.

When you have a visual goal, you'll stay focused and will likely reach it in due time. So, a plan will motivate you to stay organized. Thus, a goal should be specific, reachable, challenging, and measurable.

As an online business marketer, you should always aim to improve the following:

  • The products and customer services that you offer
  • Your and your products' availability
  • Relevant advertising
  • Sales
  • Expand your knowledge about your products or services
  • Responsibilities and roles of your team members
  • Your transparency

Once you experience the satisfaction of reaching your first goal, you’ll be motivated to layout and tackle the next.

You can make a vision board with all your business ideas. When you have visual goals to remind you daily about what you're aiming for, you’ll strive to accomplish it. How and to whom you'll advertise your products or services, how you can meet your audience's needs.

Be alert to obstacles, open to change, and gradual growth. If you haven't already, it's time to set those specific goals and take your business to the next level. Every small step counts.

You Don't Know Your Audience Or How To Engage With Them

Who's your audience? The people that buy from you because of what they see and hear.

You should continually interact with your audience and build a transparent relationship with them. That way, you'll be familiar with their interests, activities, and platforms they engage with. You should know when and where to share the content that’ll interest them.

Social media marketing core remains the same, but it's helpful to reach potential consumers. You have to get your audience's attention in ways they prefer, like real-time posts and trendy video clips.

You should always share relevant content of high quality. Your brand will be accepted as reliable when you post consistently. Most audiences like gaining something so set up polls and quizzes about what you offer to engage with them.

Social media ensures direct communication between you and your audience. Ask questions about possible problems or preferences that they might have and that your product or service can solve instantly. Your audience will follow and support you only while you provide immediate assistance, products, and solutions.

For as long as you can deliver quality products and services, your consumers will support and promote you. You can rely on their likes, shares and spreading it by word of mouth.

You're Absent, Or You're Not Using Your Voice

How should you voice your presence? Are you scared that your audience will get tired of your face? Guess what? People only look at what they like and recognize.

With today's online marketing strategies, you can schedule your consequent appearance. Consistency is one of the keys to your online presence. Your consumers should know that your business operates 24/7. It's crucial to climb the success ladder and to establish your brand.

You can apply these strategies to enhance your online marketing presence.

  • Combine professional and personal accounts, allowing your audience to relate to you
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices
  • Focus on social networking to improve communication by something you have in common
  • List your business on valuable web directories that'll generate a bigger audience and a higher rank

You must help your audience immediately recognize your brand's well-designed website, striking logo, catchy tagline, and lasting color scheme. Once your content is visible, you'll receive all kinds of responses. It would be best to use any criticism as stepping stones to improve your marketing on social media.

Remember to generate suitable replies. Your responses will make your audience feel acknowledged. This way, you'll stay connected to current consumers and won't lose out on potential sales.

You're Not Advertising, Or You Share Useless Content

When should you advertise, and what kind of content should you share? It would be best if you looked at it this way; you'll lose consumers when you waste their time with irrelevant or false information. Memes might brighten up someone's day, but is it relevant to your market?

You should make sure that you’re visible at all times but remain professional. You should show potential consumers that you have quality products and prove that your services are reliable. Social media posts should align with your product's value and customer services.

Your posts should hook your audience in seconds. Always think out of the box, keep it short and simple, informative and reliable, factual and truthful, educational, and inspiring. Your posts should be worth sharing, and it should build your business.

Make use of an online social hub and plan your frequent posts on a calendar. Your posts should be recurring, but the right amount of times on different platforms. Your content calendar will help you plan posts and make sure you don't skip days.

When you share appropriate content, you'll attract the right audience. You'll be visible to potential consumers, prove to be credible and reliable, and have more sales. Satisfied consumers will refer you to other potential buyers and form long-lasting relationships with you.

You're Not Up to Date, Or Not Competitive Enough

Where do you find your competitors, and how can you stay ahead of them? Competitors are everywhere. You can search for them online and see them on business listings. Not only can your target audience find you on social media marketing pages, but your competitors can too.

Always be one level above your competition; it’ll push your sales up. You have to identify what sets you apart from your strongest competitors, embrace that, and run with it. Never copy anything. Original posts will reflect that you’re honest and reliable.

Differentiate your brand from your competitors. Identify your skills, specialties, strengths, and abilities, and offer that uniqueness to your audience's specific needs. Remember, you may ask a marketing expert to help you overshadow your competition on social media.

Your consumers must form a personal and memorable experience with your services. Let your audience connect with your business emotionally. (Some people are emotional buyers.) So you must have a genuine understanding of who your audience is and what they need from your online business.

As times change, so will your consumers' needs. You should be willing to adjust to the necessary changes. Make sure to update your information regularly, stay real, keep it fresh, and market-related.

Pick The Fruit Of Social Marketing

Right now, you have all the answers to the questions: why, who, how, when, and where. But there's one more question left to answer to ensure that you prevent the worst social media marketing mistakes.

What fruit will you pick from your harvest?

  • Clear goals will be set and reached in a specific time frame
  • Knowing who your audience is by consistently engaging with them
  • Constant visibility and making yourself heard
  • Enough advertising by using scheduled planners and sharing only useful content
  • Updated, and you'll be competitive with the best

You're ready to upgrade your social media marketing. Remember to start with your vision board as soon as possible.


Your social media marketing goals will determine your outcome. You can only attract long-term consumers when you exceed their expectations. Be transparent and trustworthy. Research your information and ensure that you don't share outdated or fake news.

Don't waste your audience's time; connect with them. It would be best if you genuinely cared about your audience. Your consumers should know that you can provide them with quality products and top customer services.

Start by shaping your social media marketing skills by knowing what to prevent. Only you can make your business grow by using the right fertilizers.

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