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May 19, 2020

How to run an effective promotional campaign? How to follow the latest trends? How to determine the indicators that will ensure the effectiveness of campaign? This questions give marketers worldwide sleepless nights.

But this is simple – just get inspiration from action of those who know!


What is AdPlexity

It’s a powerful tool that allows you to check which of the already active campaigns brings the best results. Why do you need it in affiliate promotion? Learning about the ads that generate the highest conversion can increase the profit really fast. Tracking what other affiliates are doing can give you tips on:

  • what products are worth promoting,
  • where to look for your customers,
  • what platforms are the best for your goals.

We do not need to explain why this information significantly simplifies and speeds up the campaign designing process. With AdPlexity you don't have to grope anymore. Everything you need to earn money from promoting products is at your fingertips.

Everything already happened

Big ideas are usually the interpretation and modification of existing ones. You can find inspiration everywhere. Using it in in a smart way is a key to the success. Why wasting time to try to find a medicine that already exists? The creators of AdPlexity decided to use this principle to facilitate the work of people running advertising campaigns in various channels and countries.

Why do you need AdPlexity?

1. You can learn from the best

The tool allows you to track campaigns carried out by people who achieve the highest results. With following indicators such as Landing Page redirection chain, Landing Page URL, and Call-to-Action links, you get precise tips on how to create an equally effective (or better!) promotion.

2. You can specify the best key words

Thanks to AdPlexity you will find all campaigns with key phrases that interest you the most. What's more, the tool allows you to manage the words in your ad. You can easily:

  • look for ads with keywords that you want to use in your LP,
  • add keywords in your advert,
  • place the best keywords into your LP.

3. You can download the converting Landing Page

The latest features available in AdPlexity allow you to download the Landing Page used in the campaign generating the best effects. What you have to do is to click only one button. You don’t need expensive tools, no other software is required. Now you can take the great Landing Page and turn it into your own. Even better one!

4. You know how to earn more

You can search for information about where exactly you should promote your products. The tool lets you to check top 10 websites which brings the best profit to the affiliate you “spying on”. What’s more, you can also see the distribution of the devices used in the campaign.

Searching by the Publisher mode lets you to check all the campaigns that are realized on the website. You can compare them and take what is most important to you and brings you the biggest profit.

Easy as breathing

Choosing smart tools that will help you in your work is the best thing you can do for yourself. Instead of wasting valuable hours on research and trying what does and what doesn’t work, you can just reach for the instrument, that will do it for you. You don’t have to look for complicated solutions that will require even more time to learn how to manage them. Make your work as simple as possible. Time is money, as we all know.

AdPlexity dashboard

The platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The Dashboard is divided in three main parts:

  • the search menu,
  • he filters,
  • the results.

The very detailed search is one of the biggest advantages of AdPlexity. The top menu lets you to choose the searching mode and decide which of the indicators to use: keyword, advertiser, publisher or placement.

You can also select time criteria for the results, choosing from:

  • the latest results,
  • longest time running,
  • with the most traffic.

There are many filters that you can use to specify your search and maximize the precision.

  • Country
  • Language
  • Dates
  • Days running
  • Ad type
  • Device Type
  • Connection
  • Tracking Tool
  • Traffic Source
  • Affiliate Network

Always better

The AdPlexity creators are constantly adding new features to make the platform even more useful. New updates are available frequently. What’s more, they want to make sure you will get the most of it by giving you webinars. If you don’t understand something, they will answer your questions and give you advises.

Affiliation is a type of work that can bring you a great income. However creating a perfect campaign is not a simple task. It requires a lot of research and testing. Why wasting the time, if you can use someone else’s experience? Take as much as you can, learn from the best and earn more money.

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